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Nader, pro and con

For those who are interested, my Scholars & Rogues colleague Mike Sheehan and I have each posted our thoughts on Nader's candidacy announcement.

Mike's supportive take on it is here.

My opposing take is right after that.

I think those two posts pretty much sum up all that can be said about a Nader campaign (good and bad), so don't expect me to waste a lot of space on it from here on in.


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Feb. 25th, 2008 02:50 pm (UTC)
He's really going to screw things up for the Democrats. Very disheartening. This race will be too close.
Feb. 25th, 2008 07:00 pm (UTC)
Martin - while your colleague has some valid points about the details of Gore's campaign, like most supporters of idealougues such as Nader he missses the meta-view of it all ... i.e. that if Nader *hadn't* run in 2000, Gore most likely *would* have won Florida and the election and the US and the world would both be better places today. To me, that's the root of any discussion on this topic and the rest is herrings of varying shades of red.

Shot my resume to you late last Friday; many thanks again for the kind offer to shop it around. I'm continuing the search on this end and doing some free-lance/consulting stuff in the meantime.

Feb. 26th, 2008 07:47 pm (UTC)
Nader represents the cynical, destructive, extremist politics of the early twentheth century: the reason he supports Bush Jr., is that he doesn't want to allow anyone not like himself to take any credit for doing anything good. He really would prefer that the USA get completely destroyed, so long as he, and only he, got to take credit for pretending to oppose the tide of evil. Once an effective moderate gets the chance to do any good, the entire rationale for his existence evaporates.

His political stance reminds me of Stalin and Hitler, ganging up on the center so that each could pretend he was the ONLY alternative to the other.

And no, his handing the 2000 election to Bush was not unintentional: he's done the same thing before, explicitly and deliberately, in the '70s, to allies on the left who dared to advocate policies he didn't approve.

And on top of all that, his tactics have become just as sleazy as those of his opponents, if not worse, and are only excused by their small scale and pointlessness. his last petition-drive was smacked down in court due to obvious signature-fraud.
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